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Argentinian remixer/producer.

My name's Ariel, or you might know me by Arihlis. I'm from Argentina, my native language is Spanish so it is likely that my English isn't that good, but I will try to tell you all a little bit about myself.

As a child I was a bit introverted, quite distracted and a bit of a dreamer, like a good Pisces, I was also a fan of video games, but there was something I liked even more than playing video games and that was listening to them. I even remember, sometimes I turned on the SEGA or the Nintendo just to listen to the music.

Then that mania moved to the movies, to the point that many times I couldn't even remember what the movie was about, but I did remember and clearly distinguish its soundtrack.

Later I discovered music channels and it was like discovering a new world. At that time the internet practically did not exist, and electronic music was not heard on local radio stations. The best way to find it was by watching the music channels.

The year was 1999 when I turned on MTV and what I found ˇimprinted in my mind forever. A unique, perfect sound, that I had never heard before. But not only that! What I was seeing blew my mind even more than what I was hearing.

A mysterious looking woman who dazzled me with that straight, black, shiny, and perfect hair. That red kimono that enveloped her like flames as she danced hypnotically. I was fascinated. When I was 12 years old, I had met Madonna and at that moment my fanaticism was born.

Of course, my whole adolescence was musicalized by her and by electronic music in general, but if what was playing was remixed, it was even better!!!

One day, when I was 17 years old, Danilo, my best friend, came and told me: - 

“Let's make electronic music!”.

"Let's do it!" - I replied.

We had no idea how to do it, so we sat down to watch videos on YouTube. Hours and hours, several nights in a row, we watched tutorials and learned about music production and audio production for 7 years, until one day in 2012, Danilo entered us in a contest to remix a track for a Canadian label and we won. At that moment "Ariel & Danilo" was born and we began to release our tracks with the help and support of Black Sunset Music. It was a great 5 years, we signed with a few more labels and played several parties. But our individual responsibilities and lack of time meant that we couldn't get together to do what we loved so much, and at the end of 2017 our duo dissolved.

In 2019 my boyfriend, who is a music lover and more of a Madonna fan than me, knowing my work as a producer, was the one who encouraged and inspired me to start this new stage of my life as Arihlis. A Madonna’s fan who tries to thank her favorite artist by doing what he likes the most: Music.