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by Mary H Clarke


"Life of a remixer is a lonely life. You sit hours in front of your computer. You run out of ideas, you think about collaborating with someone who inspires and challenges you with sounds and beats you wouldn’t normally use… That’s when Dubtronic & Marco Sartori got in touch, because they use the same DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)program. We decided to make a remix together, our first collaboration, “Take A Bow“. That was in 2016. Last year, when the pandemic started and we all had to stay at home, we continued our working relationship and produced more remixes of album tracks and b-sides. We tried different sounds, even started making remixes for other artists… But our love for Madonna is the reason we actually met, so with this compilation we want to show you the remixes we have done of our Queen, including two unreleased remixes of "Mother and Father“"


MARY: During period of Covid-19 and lockdown you have been inspired and produced a massive somewhat 50 new releases. Yourself and the great Marco Sartori continued to work together and release your own stunning catalogue. How did you two meet? 

DUBTRONIC: Well, I always say I’m just a Madonna fan who likes to remix her... Yes, I spent a lot of time making music during lockdown/social distancing.  

I think I liked a post by Marco on FB. He posted a picture of his music making program and it happens to be the same I have... I think I made a comment and the rest is history 


MARY: You two are absolutely stunning together. Do you have any new plans "in the works"? 

DUBTRONIC: Marco needed a break after several remixes we did together. I love working with him, we join our creative forces. I think we did some amazing mixes. Right now, we began working on a remix of a Rebel Heart Outtake 


MARY: So, I once read in Holidayshare that you wanted to work with Lukesavant. Is that still the case? 

DUBTRONIC: Hmmm yes, but he uses a different program... 


MARY: Let's rewind back good few years. Is it true that yourself, Donny O’Bryan and Lukesavant started MADONNA REMIXERS UNITED together? 

DUBTRONIC: Yes, that‘s true!!!  


MARY: I am happy that you have stayed faithful to both since they mutually parted ways. I understand that both are still great friends of yours. Is that right? 

DUBTRONIC: Yeah, I call them internet or virtual friends xx 


MARY: What programmes you used back then to remix and what do you use now? 

DUBTRONIC: Well, first I did these Mash Ups. I used a DJ program to adjust the speed (Virtual Dj) and also used an editing program (Amadeus Pro) to make the remixes or extended versions. Then, myself and a friend decided to make music together and we downloaded Logic Pro (we both have a Mac). There you can compose and produce your own songs. I thought, now I can really make a Madonna remix and I tried. The result is the Retrotrance remix of Like It Or Not...  


MARY: Cool... Which artists, besides Madonna inspire you? 

DUBTRONIC:  OMG, so many! I love listening to music, I used to DJ too. I made tapes or CDs for my friends. Music is a crucial part of my life. I have my fav artists like Björk or Tori Amos, but I like newer artists too like Billie Eilish or Lorde. I love me some Indie sounds... 


MARY: Amazing. So now I want to ask a personal question that your fans would like to know.  Who is the real person behind Dubtronic? 

DUBTRONIC: A man who works as a nurse, but sometimes also a woman in a lot of make up! 


MARY: Ooh this is "hot information" and leads me nicely on to ask. What do you do in your spare time? 

DUBTRONIC: I have a Drag Queen Band with my friend Mauve (Lola & Mauve). So, we write songs and perform (due to Covid we had a long break), I make remixes, read thrillers and like to watch some tv shows. I also love meeting up with friends. 


MARY: Is there anything else you would like to tell us or share with us today? 

DUBTRONIC: I am really lucky to have so many Madonna fans listening to my remixes. Without you, I would be nothing!  

We want to thank all our supporters, especially Madonna Remixers United, Mary, Roman Nurmemägi, Madonna's Empire, Donny, William Vipond-Tait and of course MADONNA!

Marco Sartori & Dubtronic


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