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by Roman Nurmemägi 

MRU.COM •  This will be a “throwback” interview about your previously released album Madame X by LUKESAVANT a.k.a Madonna Retrofit 8. So, there won’t be any releases called “Retrofit”, is this correct and why is that?
LUKESAVANT - Correct, no more in my retrofit series. I just felt it had run its course. In the past before a lot of the great technology readily available at our finger tips, making Madonna remixes was limited to both the availability and quality of the acapella. In fact, and I will admit, I am guilty of it, trust me all of us remixers are.... of acapella hunting, begging, sharing, coveting and revealing in a rare remix. It became part of the fabric of remixing unofficially for many many years. So my Retrofit series was always limited and never expansive. Now, this is no longer the case due to advanced technology.

• Let’s talk about your MADAME X remixes.
Looking back at your releases, we can see a pattern, that you’ve started making remixes of the whole Madonna albums, is this something that you going to continue until all albums are remixed?

Yeah... I decided before I released my full MX remix album that I wanted to remix full albums as part of my endgame for remixing or remixing less. I want a legacy that I can be proud of when I am done. So, that means starting over on most of my remixes I've done and polishing and beefing up some of the remixes I have already done that I want to keep..... for every Madonna album. Madame X was new and was a perfect opportunity to showcase my new process.

• Now, we know that you are currently working on “Confessions on A Dancefloor” remix album, what will come after that, a full MDNA album, American Life or Music?
I was just thinking about this the other day... I thought of doing the hardest next... I'm Breathless. And I think I may only do select Breathless tracks very cautiously, I just can't see a dance-able version of Cry Baby. But I am toying with either Like A Prayer, Hard Candy or Rebel Heart.

• A while back you announced that there will be a different remix album released. It was in the works, so what happened to “Like a True-Blue Virgin” remix album?
It's sitting there about 60% done. Its still in my opinion going to be one of the most important double remix albums I will do. It's extremely nostalgic for everyone. I don't want to fuck it up. It will be very good though. I have released Love Makes The World Go Round, Crazy For You, Papa Don't Preach (which may change), Shoo Bee Doo and Gambler. If you liked Gambler you will love the whole release once done.

• What are your first impressions & your last impressions, when thinking of MADAME X by LUKESAVANT?
I could still do better. I should have changed Extreme Occident for a different option I was working on and I disappointed myself with my God Control remix, I'm most proud of Medellin & Killers Who Are Partying.

• What is your favourite track from Madame X, also what's your favourite remix from Madame X by Lukesavant and why?
Killers Who Are Partying is a favourite remix of mine... I think from Madonna's original, Faz Gostoso is my favourite.

• Also, as a follow up, what are your least favourite original tracks from Madame X? Did you ever considered making remixes for those tracks, in a way improving them yourself?
Bitch I'm Loca on the original release, not my fav... but I adore my remix of it. I wanted from Madonna a more traditionally structured track of God Control. It didn't flow well for me (Like the original Dark Ballet). I attempted to make them in my way that works for me... I think I succeeded with Dark Ballet.

• Personally, I think the best remix that you did from Madame X is “Crazy” it has a completely different vibe, a different rhythm, and it doesn’t resemble anything that Madonna has released before, except for maybe “I Want You” with Massive Attack. What made you do such a mellow remix of this song?
LOL, Crazy was heavily inspired by Massive Attack's Teardrop. Perfection. When you change a tone, you can change the intensity of the lyrics. She's not happy in that track.

• Some of the remixes that are on this release differ from previously released remixes. For instance: "Future” on Madame X differ from “Future” that’s on “Raison D'Etre”, is that an improvement on those tracks, or just a different version of this mix?
I hated the Future remix I did for Raison D'Etre. I remember doing an unboxing video, when you sent me beautiful physical copy you had made. I said I would redo my Future for my MX remix album. Future was always one of my favourite tracks from MX... and not for others. Most don't like it. But I do. I wanted something acoustic and raw. I'm still very proud of it today.

• So obviously Madame X is quite a long album, are there any hidden treasures, demos or unreleased tracks from Madame X by Lukesavant, that we might expect to hear?
There will be a Soltera mix yes, and likely a Back That Up To The Beat mix as well. I really was not a fan of Funana.

• Have you ever considered collaborating with some of the guys from Madonna Remixers United? And if so, when can we hear something like that?
Yes, ODM and I have been trying for years. I use primarily a different remix DAW (digital audio workstation) than ODM and I know his DAW slightly but I am not up to speed yet on all the functionality. One of these days I need to take classes to learn. NEPH•EW and I have the easiest path to working together as we use the exact same software.

• Is there anything else you would like to say about this release, that we don’t know yet?
Hmmm, no. I think this release was special and set a new shift personally for me in my process. I had a lot of fun


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