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Beat Hustler. PR Crafter. Personal Assistant. Sarcasm Enthusiast.

The bottom fell out of my musical sky in 1999 when my good friend DJ Tracy Young began encouraging me to follow suit in my passion of dance music which I had since childhood. It wasn't until 2007 when she asked me what I was doing with it, I realized that I had become complacent just making the odd podcasts here and there that I had done for years. I re-evaluated what I was doing and where I wanted to be and decided the two pictures didn't match. Over the past few years I made it a priority to remix tracks instead of just doing sets which had been my forte for the previous 10 years. Soon I began producing tracks and realized that the passion was alive and well, bursting forth to be fulfilled. At this time I weighed 420 lbs and was socially isolated at home for the most part except for going to work and the movies. I decided it was time for a change and began to do weight training and changed my nutrition. Fast forward now to 2012...I had lost almost 200 lbs by the close of the year and my first track went viral, eventually being snipped by Soundcloud due to WMG, a remix of Madonna's "Thief of Hearts". Since then I have also produced a remix for "Vogue" which I did not realize had become popular til I heard it in a bar in Fort Lauderdale while on vacation for New Year Eve at the closing of 2012. 230 lbs and many mixes later, 2013 and 2014 have taken off like no other time for me. 
When I started wanting to remix, I will never forget my wonderful friend, DJ Robbie Martin, actually filming instructional videos for me on how to use Ableton Live to mix tracks such as mashups. I still have those videos, Robbie! It meant a lot for him to take time to show me how to do that when he was burdened with work, DJ gigs and such a full social plate at that time. He shares my passion for music but also has a big heart and has been there for me in many personal crisis for which I know I can never repay him. Very grateful we are still friends through this journey.

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