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Tallinn, Estonia based Art Director (Roman Nurmemägi a.k.a. NurRo)
Executive Producer, designer, video editor and creative brains behind Madonna Remixers United.

Became a fan the first time I saw the Like A Prayer music video on MTV. 
I studied art, design and architecture, have an art degree from University of Applied Arts in Tallinn, Estonia. One of my hobbies from way back was sketching, made dozens of portraits of Madonna. Later on I took part in the ICONIC exhibition, which collected fan art from fans and artists all over the world. Those artworks were used as a backdrop for Rebel Heart in Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour. 
I started going to the night club when I was 13. The DJ was like a god (the DJ booth was located 2,5 meters above the dance-floor), you had to climb a ladder to go ask the DJ to play something that you liked. Naturally not everyone dared. But not me, I wanted to hear Madonna playing in the club. 
I became friends with one of the DJ's. I wanted to become a DJ, but to play music videos instead.
First video party we hosted was on 9th of October 2009 and it was a Madonna Video Party. To promote it I made the poster myself, club owners liked my design, so they offered me a part-time job making flyers/posters for their events. 
So not only we were resident VJ's at the night club in Tallinn, for 5 years no less, I was also in charge of promotion as well as updating their website and Facebook pages. I made logos, helped organize special events. Learned how to mix the videos and edit them.
I fell in love with progressive-house and I started doing my own video remixes/video edits specifically for the club. And always whenever I got a chance I would play my favourite Madonna mixes. 
One of the Madonna videos I did caught the eye of Lukesavant...


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