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Part I & Part II

Executive Produced by Chris Hayton. 

Exclusively for Madonna Remixers United

Madonna Remixers United presents

Plus, Mary H Clarke managed to grab a quick chat with him during his busy schedule...   


Welcome  my dearest “Chris Bear”...  oops sorry I should say Chris


I am so honored to get to ask you a few questions out of your busy day. 

Gosh where to start?   

Haha, I love ChrisBear , and I love Bears ha-ha 


Today we release an exclusive release of your new work. How does it feel

to be back and what can you tell us about it? 

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Feels great to be back, and excited to launch the Compilation.  I've took 10 Madonna songs randomly really, or what acapella is a good copy and remixed them with a 90s Trance sound. It's very different to my first release but also has some similarities with the transitions of songs. 

We love the Trance Where do you get inspiration from for the different styles you use? 

My inspiration again comes from my HusBear , Loic , he is a huge fan Ayumi Hammasaki , the Japanese equivalent of Madonna.  She has officially released 2 trance remix albums of her songs called AYUTrance and my Husbear is also the biggest Madonna fan, so I was sick of him saying I wish Madonna would do something like this.  So, as I good boyfriend I'm doing it for him.  


Do you have a particular favorite off this new release? 

I would say, ‘in this life’ is a personal fav, as the song has meaning to me and lot of friends during the Aids Pandemic of the early 80s and 90s.  It’s a very sad song, but it means a lot to the Gay community and Madonna has been the biggest supporter of that movement.  Also, I do believe that no one else has done a dance remix.  So, I hope I do it justice, also "I don’t search, I find”, just a really good dance remix. 


Brilliant, so can I ask what programs you use to remix? 

Logic Pro X and Ozone, I use samples and midi files of the original track melody.  


You have participated in many projects for MRU (Madonna Remixers United). The very first one was for Madonna Save My Soul.  How did you feel when I approached you about that? 

Made me feel really good. I remix because I love doing it, it's not about recognition, but secretly it gave be a big head, ha-ha. It was nice to be noticed for something you love doing.  


Myself and Roman were truly honored to work with you. You have become a lot closer to other Remixers we feel since this, we would love to know which Remixers you admire in particular or would like to work with? 

I would say Dubtronic, I think, his music always sounds so polished and clear, I believe I could learn a lot from him about mixing a track.  


Is there anything else you would like to tell us or share with us today? 

Erm... yeah!! just get ready to Dance with MTRANCE, I hope you all like, and Part 2 with 12 more tracks will be launched around Christmas time. 


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