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Italian based remixer/producer.

I fell in love with music. When I was 11, I used to listen to the radio all day. My favourite singers of that period were Samantha Fox, Sandra, Duran Duran, Europe, and of course Madonna. I was fascinated by how music could be watched. I was addicted by videoclips and how artists made their art with videos.
I started going to the disco when I was 13. Initially on Sunday afternoons, and when I was 14 in the evenings. I stayed under the console watching the DJ's for hours. I wanted to become a DJ myself and little by little I started to do my own stuff. I knew the DJ of the club and he let me play my mixes the last 30 minutes before closing. By 16 I became a resident DJ in that club.
My remixes are the result of what I like about a song and what I would like to improve… Not always a dance version of a particular song. Madonna is my favourite artist but I don't always agree with her choice of music (musical arrangement, composition or instrumentation). So what I try to do in my remixes is to keep what I like and cut what I don't like. For example: in my opinion she uses the guitar too much in her albums... and guitar is not always cool. So almost always I cut her guitar in my remixes. I find it’s difficult to remix a song that I like completely, if it's flawless I don't have anything to improve and nothing to cut 
I'm a quiet, not a social or public person. I don't like to go to the disco anymore. But sometimes with 1 or 2 "Spritz" (Italian alcoholic drinks) I can let loose and turn into what I am not...

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