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"So I took the road less travelled by
And I barely made it out alive
Through the darkness somehow I survived
Tough love - I knew it from the start
Deep down in the depth of my rebel heart"

Let us agree on few key things, if Madonna has taught us anything it is this, a good person with pure heart, would never go against his/her friend, would never go against his own given word, would stay true to oneself and his/her friends. 
Have you ever heard Madonna spreading lies and deceptions about other person? Has she ever publicly engaged in petty squabbles, name-callings, humiliation or derogative commentary? Even with people she is trying to avoid, she usually acts quite graciously. A good example would be that Cortney Love stunt at VMA’s back in 1995. Former Hole front-woman Courtney Love destroyed an interview the Queen of Pop, Madonna was giving to MTV’s Kurt Loder.
Why do you think she’s like that? I think it is clear that she is above all that petty nonsense. A true fan would see that, and act the same way. Sadly, we all are only human, and humans tend to make many mistakes, even same mistakes several times in a row. People aren’t perfect, a lot of us are flawed in many ways, we can’t expect the same treatment from all of the people. Sometimes they let us down, while others brighten up our day.
It is our responsibility to rise above it all, and become a better person. Learn from our mistakes. Love your fellowman, neighbour, friend (even virtual ones). Learn to forgive and to let go of the negativity. Show kindness, when someone is being petty, show strength when someone is putting you down, show wisdom, whenever someone is spreading lies.
Remember those Madonna words:
"We are responsible for our own fate, we reap what we sow, we get what we give."
"Haters who make up rumours and lies are not worth your tears."
“A lot of people are just really confused by me; they don’t know what to think of me, so they try to compartmentalize me or diminish me. Maybe they just feel unsafe. But any time you have an overtly emotional or irrational, negative reaction to something, you’re fearing something that it’s bringing up in you.”
“A lot of places I go are dangerous, like Tel Aviv or Rio, but that never stops me from going there and putting on a show. I have good security. I don’t worry about that.”
“As an artist myself, I know what it’s like to put your heart and soul into something. You can feel the presence of another person.”
“Be strong, believe in freedom and in God, love yourself, understand your sexuality, have a sense of humour, masturbate, don’t judge people by their religion, color or sexual habits, love life and your family.”

This was a post announcing a giveaway on, we wanted to make our fans happy by making a special Christmas gift from Madonna Remixers United team. A lot of people responded to our post and we had two winners. Now this was a while ago, but we still remember those lucky ones. Here's what they had to say: 

“Madonna taught me to be more open-minded, she taught me not to judge a book by its cover.
For long time I considered myself a mad Madonna fan and falling in love with her music and her artistry in early age has played a significant role in my character building. I was still a teenager when I was introduced to her music and I instantly felt a connection. Unwittingly I started acting like her, talking like her and I suppose I started seeing things the same way as her, meaning I had similar world views.
For context I must say that people back in those days were still reeling from the whole Erotica era debacle. They just didn't understand that this was so revolutionary. Now it's a norm. So a lot of people were saying bad things about Madonna, which made me more interested in her and defend her even more. I remember that this cased a lot of fights.
All of my friends new that I was a Madonna fan, and they told me that there's another boy, who's as crazy about Madonna as I am. But they told me that he was bad news, that I shouldn't approach him, talk to him or even pay attention. Naturally I did the exact opposite. He was not at all what rumors painted him to be. We became best friends, and he was my best man.
So don't be harsh to judge someone, love is all we need.”
(Anthon Dimitrov)

Everything for me started by chance, my cousin came to my house (it was 1985) with a magazine (top20) with a rgazza and on the cover was Madonna, that stabbed a tambourine, my sister said to me  "cute, but who is it? 
I said, "I know who he is." (it was a lie) but from that moment my life was never the same. In those years they played The Virgin Tour on TV. I was so fascinated by the style from the voice, from the dances, but especially from the music. I was reflected in all those colors, from there it was a path faced together, Madonna managed and manages to capture in her lyrics my moods. I remember the difficult period, that I spent when I was targeted at school, I listened to Express Yourself in headphones to give me strength to face the day or even how many times I listened to Love Tried To Welcome Me because it was just my mood or now with the laughs where as if by magic. I ask myself, did she knew what's happening to me, Madonna was also able to make me understand, that there are no differences between people or in color of their skin, or in sex or religion, just by watching her and her movies. 
Either she's belittled or attacked or she's not recognized for her talent. I'm sick of it. She deserves respect!”
(Ant Cantastorie)

“In my hometown Madonna was a bad word. My fandom would be a constant controversy in my childhood and teen years. Madonna taught me about the world outside of my secluded existence in Idaho. I was raised in a conservative religious-primarily Caucasian community. I only saw a person of another race once or twice my entire childhood. My interest in Madonna introduced me to a world of beautiful people from all over the world.
Truth or Dare was my guide to coming to terms with my sexuality. I felt safe knowing my idol loved and supported members of the lgbtq community. Last but not least she taught me about ego and illusions. I learned that many things are just illusions that may derail our life and happiness. I am in control of my own happiness and I thank Madonna for her messages that helped her and I both find love and happiness.”
(Bobby Harrison)

We've read all of your comments, and we want to thank each and everyone, who found the time to share their stories, who read the long post, we thank everyone who loves what we are doing, and each and everyone who encourages us to continue and produce the best Madonna Remixes made by fans so that other fans can enjoy her music.
After reading your comments, we found that there are fans who were truly inspired by Madonna and what she stands for, they found strength, found courage, ignored rumours and lies, showed kindness and warmth, despite their own struggles. Because being a Madonna fan doesn't have to end on just blindly following what she does, what music or movies she releases, it doesn't have to end on collections of common interest. 


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I chose this album because for me it goes down a completely different road to all other remix albums. Chris Hayton has taken some slow and beautiful Ballads (Be Careful and In This Life) and ‘translated’ them into amazing tracks. If you listen to either of these in their slow original form you couldn’t imagine them with a fast trancey beat. Until you listen to this album. Here’s my review of each track from 1-10.

1. ‘Be Careful’ - Whoever thought that the slow ballad ‘Be Careful’ Duet with Ricky Martin would sound so amazing, already a favourite of mine, a very rarely mixed track but beautifully done and kept mostly to its original track, Chris didn’t Break It!

2. ‘I Don't Search, I Find’ - cleverly introduced via track 1 with this being from the most recent Album ‘Madame X’ there are 100s of remixes out there, this one stands out for me. Thankfully RisingSun didn’t go down the Vogue remix route and kept it to its original Tune.

3. ‘Music’ - Simply brings people together and this remix came together wonderfully. It felt like it only came out yesterday so fresh and crisp...I'm sure the video would have Chris in the limo with Madonna asking if he was her driver!!

4. ‘Open Your Heart’ - no its What It Feels Like For A Girl – No Its Open Your Heart....leads you into a false sense of security and then “BAM” it's back to 1986 pure genius and completely bought back to the future I'm not scared I just wanna got out with her!!

5. ‘Sky Fits Heaven’ - Drowned World Tour... back on stage with this trancetastic mix. I could see Madonna spinning on to the stage dancing to this interpretation. Its fast its full of energy and captures everything the original has and more.

6. ‘In This Life’ – No way can such a beautiful song with so much meaning be tranced up…. until Chris Hayton took it to another level In This Life…In the Next Life…. I have no other words to say about this except ‘superb’

7. ‘True Blue’ - A timeless classic, one of my favourites’ and ‘The Color Mix’ has always been the best until RisingSun made the sun burst right out of the sky “Perfect”.

8. ‘Beautiful Stranger’ – This track just takes me back to the early 90s on the dancefloor before I made any confessions! Capturing the original song in its glory but bringing it into the now! I can still hear this mix everywhere I go!

9. ‘Express Yourself’ – Come on girls (and guys) do you believe this track is over 30 years old? Back in 1989 the ‘Non-Stop Express Remix’ was worn out by me absolutely loved it. At just over 10 minutes long I couldn’t get enough. Now Chris has gone and Expressed Himself with just over 10 Minutes of pure Trance and lifted it up to a higher ground…

10. ‘Give It 2 Me’ - Always been a favourite of mine since Madonna looked into my eyes front row of the Opening night of ‘Sticky and Sweet Tour ‘in Cardiff… I have yet to hear a remix I don’t like. DJ Chris RisingSun Hayton’s Gave It 2 Me ‘ once again…this mix is the perfect close to a perfect album.

Madonna should contact Rising Sun DJ Chris Hayton and get him to remix her next single or even create a well overdue Greatest Hits Album. Some official remixers out there need to listen to this whole album and consider stepping up to the beat...

I'm so looking forward to Part 2…. let’s get back Into The Groove and Trance It Up.

Steve Crump
December 2021

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I am being totally honest when I say picking just one MADONNA REMIXERS UNITED release to review is just impossible!

I've also had the honourable pleasure of working on many including the one I have decided to choose. Head, Heart and Heels by the former D'LuxeDJ (now called ODM) is my choice.


I am literally obsessed with this first multi cd release anthology from him! It covers all forms of music showing so well his journey not just with Madonna but also as a Remixer and an Artist. Everything is in here...

Romance, Dance, Sex, Love, strings and quality combinations combined to make an extremely enjoyable listen.

Head is all about Thinking, Heart is about Feelings and Heels is pure Dance. Heels is my favourite cd on it with tracks such as Angel, Jump and the fun Holishake (Holiday). Too many songs to cover in this review. A special mention has to go to his Bad Girl and What it Feels like for a Girl! Outstanding!

It's a privilege to hear his older work, demos, unreleased and new work. All laid out in a perfect listening order. I have lost count of how many times I have listened to this album. And not once do I ever skip tracks for if I did it would ruin the experience from start to finish. To top this release off overall, the Head, Heart and Heels Megamix sums it up perfectly!

Thank You for such an incredible release. A recommended album for all fans. You have to listen and download this now. A mention to Roman Nurmemagi too for gorgeous colourful artwork.

Mary H. Clarke
December 2021

Lonely Hunter VK Banner 2.jpg

When I sat down to listen to Lonely Hunter, I didn’t think that I end up writing a review about this album, but here we are. First things first, I want to get off my chest, the amount of love and care that was put into this album shows a lot. You can see it in the cover design, in the layout of the booklet, the lettering, the overall design, the track listing, the sound production and remixing, it all reflects just how much the team behind Madonna Remixers United put into this compilation, and most importantly how much this project has grown. Now that we have all of the pleasantries behind us, let's get into the gritty stuff. Now to be fair, what you are about to read may not be one of the popular opinions, but it is what I think, and I’ll stand behind it. So here it goes.
There are several tracks that are clear standouts for me, first track as well as the last track are clearly among those. “Love Tried To Welcome Me” is amazing in its execution, though the stripped version for me, is the better of those two. “Ray Of Light” is the nest in line, although personally I think this should have been the second track after “Love Tried To Welcome Me” it brings so much positivity and light, it sounds nothing like the original track, it’s weird that it was delegated to number three. The majority of ‘stand outs’ are strangely on the second disc. There are more interesting tracks and versions of your old-time favorite and beloved songs on the CD2. Like: “Nothing Really Matters”, it stands out mostly because of its haunting melody, and slow build up. A complete contrast to the original, but oddly with the same meaning and same weight to it. “Masterpiece” would be the next in line, mostly because I never really like the original track, it always sounded unfinished or incomplete, there was something missing, but not in this case. This version is way better than the original. Sounds fresh and complete, it sounds whole, just like it should have sounded on MDNA. “Open Your Heart” is another example of an amazing production. I never could have guessed that it was created specifically for this album, and not years prior when the original track was released. It sounds new and old at the same time, old but in a good way. Like nostalgia should sound like. Another great track that should be highlighted is “Little Lucky Star”, it hooks you in from the very first couple of chords and it doesn't let you go. And when it ends, you left craving to listen to it over and over again, it’s just that good. The instruments are mystical, the strings and the brass are fairy-tale sounding, and especially the back vocals. This track just breaks all barriers and sends you to another realm.  
          Now as pointed out in the beginning of this review, this album consists of two parts. CD1 has more upbeat tracks, while CD2 has more chillout songs. So, this review would be somewhat similar. Now that I highlighted the clear stand outs, here I will mention examples of great remixes. “Lo Que Siente La Mujer” was already a great ballad originally, but for this compilation, I think they managed to create quite an interesting remix. It sounds reminiscent of music from the end of the 90s with a touch of 2020’s. It reminds me of the sound of Dua Lipa or The Weeknd.  “Get Together” is another great remix, or maybe it’s a complete reconstruction of the track, and a build up from the ground upwards. There have been hundreds of good remixes for “The Power Of Good-Bye” the one that’s on “Lonely Hunter” is a standout for me, because of its unique approach. It feels more positive, and uplifting, even though it totally doesn't have the right to be so positive and uplifting. The lyrics are in such a contrast to the music, it feels like the music was written separately from the track itself. Maybe it’s just me, but I love this type of execution. It may not work for every single track/remix, but it certainly works for this one. “Hung Up” starts kind of uninteresting, but it’s a slow build up, and it gets better and better by the minute. I must say, I’m glad that the Abba sample was given a rest here. The most interesting part, I think is at the very end, when you can hear the unique melody that was created for this mix. So just when the track end, you left with a feeling wanting to hear the end of the track once again, and again. It gives you a false sense that you’ve heard this melody somewhere before, but you can’t put your finger on it. Last but not least, I want to talk about “Bad Girl”. It’s just perfect in its execution. It sounds modern and retro at the same time. Like it might have been one of the discarded versions from “Rain” sessions or it was already performed live at some point, but it got leaked just now.  It’s pure nostalgia with a modern twist. 
Obviously, there are other tracks on the album, I’m just highlighting the stand outs for me, there are great remixes, and great versions on this double album, you just have to discover on your own, those songs that speak to you personally.

Boriss Kalinins
December 2022



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